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Change in ownership and management at Thonauer

KOMAX acquires the Thonauer Group


Thonauer provides a stepping stone to the East from its location in Vienna

Following a fruitful collaboration over 28 years, Swiss-based KOMAX Holding AG will acquire the entire Thonauer Group effective at the start of 2016. The contracts were signed in December and the Romanian competition authorities have now granted their official OK to the deal.

KOMAX offers automation solutions in the wire processing sector and is a leader in the industry thanks to its global presence and Swiss quality. Thonauer is the ideal addition to KOMAX Wire's global service and sales network thanks to its strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Thonauer provides KOMAX a stepping stone to the East from its location in Vienna. In addition, the Thonauer Group has a wealth of experience as a provider of solutions and its engineer capacity in Hungary likewise adds local competence for customer-specific application development.

The Thonauer GmbH was founded by engineer Friedrich Thonauer in 1988. Shortly thereafter, he became general agent for KOMAX laying the groundwork for close business and personal relationships between the two companies that continue to this day.

Thonauer began its efforts to open the then-difficult markets of Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania, 28 years ago and represents KOMAX in these countries in addition to Austria. Today, the Group does business in six countries with a total of 55 employees. This international reach is a tremendous benefit to Thonauer's customers who often have international operations themselves.

The change in ownership is accompanied by a change in management as well. Current managing directors, Friedrich Thonauer, Eng. and his daughter, Ms. Angelika Thonauer, are now passing the reigns to the prior Director of Sales at Thonauer, Mr. Werner Renner, Eng. Mag (FH).

"As part of our business succession planning during 2015 - the most successful year in company history - we decided to sell the company to global market leader KOMAX. We wanted to ensure the future of the company and chose the best partner to make that possible! For 2015, we concluded our record year with an increase in sales of 55%. That is a great send-off for my transition to retirement at the age of 82!," sums up company founder, Friedrich Thonauer, Eng.

"There will not be a lot of change for our customers. Day-to-day business will continue to be run successfully as usual by the exceptional, practiced and experienced team of Thonauer employees. And we will be able to offer our customers even more than before as a result of the synergies made possible by new Swiss owner, KOMAX," notes Director of Sales and new Managing Director, Werner Renner, Eng. Mag. (FH) confidently.

For additional information:
Thonauer GMBH
Perfektastrasse 59, 1230 Vienna
Telephone: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 


About Komax

The Komax Group is a technology company with operations worldwide that focuses its business on providing automation solutions. As a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions in the wire processing sector, as well as instrument mounting equipment for self-medication, Komax provides aids in the creation of economical and safe production processes, in particular for automotive suppliers and pharmaceutical companies. The Komax Group has some 1,550 employees world-wide and offers sales and support services in around 60 countries via subsidiaries and independent representatives.

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