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Sparkling with new ideas at Productronica 2017


Numerous product innovations premiere at the trade fair


As always, the invitation was followed by a large number of visitors, each rushing to stay ahead with their knowledge of the latest product innovations. From a visitor's point of view, our stand was one of the most attractive at the Munich fair.

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eCar cable processing
There was a crush around the latest development from the Hungarian subsidiary of the Thonauer group – a special cable processing machine for high voltage cables that are used in electric cars. This high-tech device will greatly simplify the production of eCars.


Mobile stripper for aerospace applications
Laselec’s Sylade 7 H – the first mobile laser wire stripper – was immediately presented with the "Innovation Award 2017” at the exhibition, as this stripper is perfect for the sophisticated cable processing needed in the aerospace industry.


RoboSpot shows how it works
Streams of spectators crowded around the RoboSpot – a robot by Kabatec with a KTB E9 bundling head. With this robot, Kabatec convincingly demonstrated that fully automatic shaping of cable harnesses using spot tapes is already feasible.


And even more eye-catchers
KOMAX also presented the recently developed MES Manufacturing Execution System, which optimizes the value chain in cable production, together with the HMI machine interface that had just arrived from the developers. Once again, this will significantly simplify the operation of Komax fully automated machines.

Further highlights included the Zeta 640 and Omega 740 cable assembly machines.  These machines can be used to manufacture complete cable sets. The Omega 740 even fits plug housings fully automatically, making it ideal for the automotive industry.

Kabatec presented a further development of the KTB E Plus, called the KTB EK for short, in which an ultrasonically welded splice is bandaged in a continuous process.

Zoller & Fröhlich also showed battery-powered strippers such as the new AI 01E, and also the 5-way stripper-crimper, the UNIC-GV.

You weren’t there? Then come and visit us in our showrooms in Vienna or Bucharest and make yourself familiar with the latest machines on site. We look forward to seeing you.


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