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Customer Service

Service is of fundamental importance for Komax. Our customers are largely active in the automotive and automotive-supply industries, where four shifts and just-in-time delivery are common. We currently support about one thousand cable-processing machines, often pre-emptively on the basis of long-term contracts, and can guarantee extremely short customer-service reaction times in five countries. Well-trained in all the basic machines we represent - as well as all possible equipment variants - with many years of experience and a high level of qualification our customer service team is a highly effective and popular resource for our customers.

Work starts with the approval of machines at the supplier's works and continues with installation and commissioning plus comprehensive training of the operating and in-house staff. The efficiency of our equipment is explained by the high quality of the supplied equipment and also by the fact that we try to put operators in the position to detect and remedy faults, as far as possible. Particularly close cooperation with the production and maintenance departments enables our customer service team to keep up to date with recent developments so it can pass on the resulting benefits to our customers right away


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Callback Service
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