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Company Profile

Who we are, what we do, what we stand for.


Komax is a specialized provider of complete production facility solutions, in particular for the automotive, electric systems and electronics industries. The company’s emphasis is on the processing of electrical wires.
Shortly after engineer Friedrich Thonauer founded the company Thonauer in 1988, he became general agent for Komax laying the groundwork for close business and personal relationships to Komax that continue to this day. Thonauer at that time started from the very onset to cultivate the Eastern European markets, which were still difficult to develop back then. From its corporate headquarters in Vienna, it covers the markets of Eastern Europe, maintaining offices and service bases in Brno (CZ), Budakeszi (HU), Bratislava (SK), Zvolen (SK), Bucharest (RO), Timosoara (RO) and Cluj (RO). These offices serve as the base for its 60 employees to provide support and advice to local and international production companies when setting-up or optimizing their production processes. This international reach is a tremendous benefit to customers who often have international operations themselves.

Over the years, more industrial representations have been built up step by step, so today Komax is showcased as a provider of complete solutions for everything having to do with cables. In addition,  the need for mixing and metering technology
was recognized early, which developed into the second pillar of the group. Offerings in the area of EMC shielding round out the range of products. To meet the needs of customers in the area of special solutions, a separate department for special purpose machinery was founded at the Budakeszi site not far from Budapest. With great success, this location develops and produces automation solutions for our customers.
Customer-focused service – including installation of new facilities and systems as well as training for operators is company tradition. It stands for know-how, speed and reliability.
With its strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe, Thonauer is the ideal addition to the worldwide service and distribution network of the Komax Group and opens the gateway to the East for Komax from Vienna. Since 2016, the Thonauer Group has been a subsidiary of Komax Holding AG, and in 2022 all companies were renamed Komax. Today, Komax is the global market leader in wire processing. Through various acquisitions, the Komax Group has developed into a provider of solutions and services along the entire value chain. In the process, it has been present in the market with seven brands - Komax, Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer and TSK. From October 2022, all subsidiaries will operate under a single brand, and the Komax Group will focus on the strong, globally established Komax brand.

ISO Certificates

Komax always strives to deliver top quality. This means not only suppling high-Quality products, but also that our sales processes comply with high quality standards. In 2013, Komax Vienna achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, followed in 2014 by the Hungarian, Czech and Romanian subsidiaries. The ISO-Certification will be updated regularly.


Komax (Austria)

> ISO 9001:2015 Download (PDF)


Komax spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic)

> ISO 9001:2015 Download (PDF)


Komax Hungary Kft. (Hungary)

> ISO 9001:2015 Download (PDF)


Komax s.r.l. (Romania)

> ISO 9001:2015 Download (PDF)

> ISO 14001:2015 Download (PDF)

> ISO OHSAS 18001:2007 Download (PDF)




Friedrich Pohle
General Manager Komax

Thomas Stummer
Managing Director Komax Austria GmbH 

Michaela Maggoschitz
Authorized Representative Komax Austria GmbH

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