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As a pioneer and market leader in automated cable processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative, future-proof solutions in all areas where precise contact connections are required. We produce and sell series machines and customized systems for all levels of automation and customization, especially for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.
Another focus is Thonauer mixing and dispensing technology.
For more than 30 years, we have stood for know-how, speed and reliability.



Komax supplies the industry with manufacturing equipment for making electrical connections. We offer a full range from the world's leading manufacturers as well as tools for every type of cable processing, including testing systems tailor-made for your testing requirements. The range includes equipment and machinery for cutting, stripping, crimping and twisting all types of cables, from coaxial cables, sensor cables and airbag cables to fiber optic cables and flexible flat conductors, multi-core cables and insulation displacement connectors.

There are three ways to get to know more about our range: Product areas, processes and manufacturers.


In addition to cable processing solutions, we also offer a wide variety of systems covering joining technologies. When it comes to marking systems that are perfectly matched to your production process, we distinguish between direct printing with an inkjet printer, laser marking or labels. Our range of cable storage systems includes storage systems for small to large cable reels as well as rewinding systems from cable reels to winding machines for electrical coils. We offer complete systems for mixing and dosing technologies, using intelligent automation. A particular focus is on components for EMC shielding.

There are applications that go beyond the functionality of our standard equipment. Within our group of companies, we plan, develop and manufacture customized special machines and systems for cable assembly.


Here you will find services for optimal automation solutions in cable assembly.In our web-based online training courses, in addition to basic knowledge of cable processing,you will gain in-depth knowledge of machines, modules, tools, software and test systems of Komax, TSK and Kabatec.

In the high-voltage segment, we offer the “Lambda” device series of Komax. The range includes automatic and semi-automatic machines for processing high-voltage (HV) plugs, high-voltage lines and HV cables.

For the automation of switch cabinet construction, we offer solutions ranging from semi-automatic assembly for individual production and from the smallest series to fully automatic production of large series.

Our additional services also include contract manufacturing in the area of foamed PUR seals,for the application of EMC seals, hot melt molding and electro casting. Individual adaptations and production lines for special mechanical engineering round out our offer.


Are you looking for equipment from a specific manufacturer? Then take a careful look at our range, sorted by suppliers. We offer the best choice from leading manufacturers of machines in the cable processing sector. We have only the TOP producer’s products on hand for special areas, such as dosing and dispensing technology, joining technology or EMC shielding.

As a dealer in the machinery supplied by listed manufacturers, we have the best possible overview of the current market and know all about the advantages and disadvantages of every type of equipment. Together with our large selection, this means we can offer tailor-made advice so that you can find the right product for your application.



Founded in 1988 as the machine trading company Thonauer, KOMAX is now a full-service supplier in the trade of machines for cable processing as well as equipment for mixing and dosing technology and is internationally successful as part of the Komax Group. To meet the specific requirements of our customers, we offer individual solutions achieved by using the latest machine technology from our partner companies, together with our in-depth expertise. We also offer a comprehensive service and customer service network, ensuring that our customers enjoy a consistent production performance. Starting with your production requirements and needs, we draw on our network of manufacturers to implement production processes that are both efficient and economical.


Headquartered in Vienna, Komax looks after the Eastern European market and maintains branches and service outlets in Brno (CZ), Budakeszi (HU), Bratislava (SK), Zvolen (SK), Bucharest (RO), Timisoara (RO) and Cluj (RO). This international reach is a tremendous benefit to customers who often have international operations themselves. Komax is the ideal addition to the Komax Group’s global service and sales network. Thanks to its strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe, it provides a stepping stone to the East from its location in Vienna. Moldova is served from Romania. In Slovenia, we only work in the field of mixing and dosing technologies.


We support international production companies in the introduction or optimization of their production processes. In addition to sales, servicing and maintaining the machines we have sold is an essential core activity at Komax.

Our service starts with the delivery of the product and of course includes installation and commissioning as well as the comprehensive training of the machine personnel. Even after commissioning of the equipment and systems, we remain available to the production departments as a partner.

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